Tinnitus Support Groups

Last updated February, 2011

The list is pretty old folks and I have deleted a bunch of groups who either folded or couldn't be bothered to update their contact info. I'm not even sure if I should keep this list alive or just turf it. Anyhoo, the American Tinnitus Association has a pretty good list, be sure to check them out.

LISTINGS FROM ALL COUNTRIES WELCOME! I'm quite aware the list is pretty small so far, but hopefully it'll soon grow. To find out if there are any support groups in your area check with the tinnitus associations on the previous page, also local audiologists, family physicians, hearing aid stores, public libraries and especially [hard of] hearing societies. Once again, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know of any other groups you are aware of that can be added to the list.

Country Province City Group Meets
Australia NSW Sydney Australian Tinnitus Association (NSW) Meets: Bi-monthly. For info call: 61-2-8382-3331 or Email: info@tinnitus.asn.au Web: http://www.tinnitus.asn.au
Canada Alberta Calgary Tinnitus Association of Calgary Meets the last Sunday of each month, 2-4 PM in Sep, Oct, Jan, Mar & May at Deaf & Hard of Hearing Svcs, phone: (403) 284-6209 fax: (403) 282-7006. Email: hoh@dhhs.org
Canada Nova Scotia Halifax Tinnitus Support Group of Atlantic Canada Visit their website for contacts in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Canada Ontario Kingston Canadian Hearing Society Check their website for details
Canada Ontario London Canadian Hearing Society Check their website for details
Canada Ontario Sault Ste. Marie Canadian Hearing Society Check their website for details
U.K. England Birmingham Birmingham and District Tinnitus Group Meets the 1st Thu of Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec at the Institute for the Deaf, 7.30 pm. Call or email Eric Trowsdale for info
U.K. Wales Ynysmardy, Llantrisant, U.K. East Glamorgan Tinnitus Self Help Group Meets the 1st Wed of every month at the Audiology Dept in the Royal Morgan Hospital. Call or email James Spink Tel. 01443-205029
U.S.A. Pennsylvania Philadelphia Tinnitus Association of Philadelphia Contact: call or email Gail Brenner, Audiologist, (215) 413-0800

If you just can't find a group in your area: how about starting one... It's not at all difficult and remember, support can be had by all who attend - that includes you! Click here to get some ideas on how to start a support group of your own. Of course when you do, be sure to let me know when where etc. so I can add your group to the list.

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