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Here, in no particular order, are some of my favourites of the many many links to other banjo and bluegrass related sites. If I've missed a site - keep in mind I don't do a lot of web surfing these days so I might not be aware of yours and I don't want to rip off the link lists from other sites. So, if your site is basically non-commercial and space permitting, drop me an email and I'll be happy to add your listing. If you were hoping to pay me to do this - sorry, there's no charge. In case that upsets you, you could always insist on mailing me one of your autographed CD's if you're a performer...
Banjo sites: instruction, tabs etc. Phillip Mann "The man's" home page, lots of banjo stuff. Phillip has passed on but his website lives. 
Reno Picker Don Reno is one of my all-time favourite banjo players but unfortunately he passed away in 1984. Fast forward a decade or two and I met Jason Skinner through this thing called the internet. Jason has a great passion for Don Reno's banjo playing and has managed to sound exactly like Don in both tone and playing techniques. It's incredible really to hear Jason play and you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between him and Don. Jason has a lot of info on his website as well as instructional material that'll help you to learn Don's famous playing techniques. Yes, a legend sure can live on!
Four String Banjos Another must-see super site for four string banjo fans
The Banjo Hangout An inspiring collection of info, tabs, forums and more
Blue Sage Blue Sage Band - lots of clawhammer info, great tabs and more
Toronto Banjo Band This is a really cool site for four string banjo fans
Mugwumps Asuper collection of real hard to find banjo info, tons of great stuff
Banjo Newsletter Magazine - a "must have" subscription for any five stringer
EZ Folk Richard Hefner's impressive banjo & guitar site with tons of info, tabs, MP3's etc.
Wim van de Weg Visit Wim's page for banjos and other bluegrass stuff in the Netherlands.
BF Banjo Now here's a real he-man's banjo...
Mike Keys A lot of fabulous information here about tenor & plectrum banjos
Fairbanks banjos A great resource for info on Fairbanks banjos
Banjo Makers Bishline Pro-level five string banjos made in the U.S.A.
Deering Awesome instruments from entry level to professional models
Fancy Banjo Some spiffy ideas for plain rim tone ring upgrades
Goldtone A full range of banjos: bluegrass, open backs, 6 string, cello - marvelous instruments
Arthur Hatfield Pro-level handmade banjos by Arthur Hatfield in the U.S.A. Fine instruments by an exceptional luthier
Jeff Menzies  Jeffrey Menzies from Toronto, Ontario (Canada), a fabulous tackhead and gourd banjo builder. Talk to him about any custom specs your heart desires
Nechville Banjo Nechville bajos are state of the art innovative designs you want to be sure to look at. Made in the U.S.A. they're well known for great tone and playability - totally stage worthy.
Recording King Models range from entry level to profressional, fine quality instruments
Bart Reiter Incredible open back banjos made in the U.S.A. by Bart Reiter
Bill Rickard Open back banjos masterfully crafted in Ontario, Canada by Bill Rickard
Stelling Exceptional banjos for pro musicians made in the U.S.A.
Wildwood Incredible instruments made in the U.S.A.
Yates Banjos Marvelous hand crafted professional banjos by Warren Yates. Warren also has excellent setup videos on his website
Banjo Supplies Banjo bridges Your one stop shopping place for professional qualtiy high performance bridges for all kinds of banjos, balalaikas, bouzoukis. Custom bridges available for pro level and amateur players alike
Mid East A great source for thin banjo skin heads
Bill Rickard Specialty banjo parts and kits. A complete supply to make your own banjo.
Stewart McDonald A huge range of parts for making & repairing musical instruments including, of course, banjos
Bands, performers The Hotmud Family In the seventies I was fortunate enough to see these fine folks at a festival concert in Carlisle, Ontario. They're my all-time favourite band and to this day I regularly listen to their albums filled with fabulous arrangements of bluegrass and old-time. Rick Good is one of my heroes, he can switch back and forth between three finger and clawhammer styles during a song and won't miss a beat - totally worth checking out.
Hamilton Folk Club Meets every other Tuesday in Hamilton, Ontario. Great live performances
Hillbilly Gypsies Real fine music to treat your ears on coming to you from West Virginia, U.S.A.
Skyland Waddaya know, Bluegrass in the Netherlands - and pretty awesome stuff at that. Some real nice MP3 soundbytes of their original tunes (impressive clawhammer on one of the tracks).
The Rarely Herd An awesome bluegrass band featuring one of my favourite banjo players, Calvin Leport
Hank Schwartz Great clawhammer banjo, Menlo Park, CA.
Ken Perlman A long time Banjo Newsletter columnist and clawhammer banjo and guitar player extraordinair.
Bob Flesher One of the artists on one of my all-time favourite albums: the Old Five String. Bob also produces some real fine banjos.
Wayne Erbsen Cool CDs and tons of links.
Spillefolk A huge collection of Danish and other Scandinavian fiddle tunes
On-Line Radio
KDHX FM 88.1 Great old time music on Sunday afternoons from St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.
Live Radio If you like on-line broadcast radio, this if THE page to go to. Stations from all over the world, not just the sad few MS offerings.
Other stuff, not music related Gesundheit Clinic One of my favourite movies is Patch Adams, not just a make you feel good movie, a make you feel awesome movie. Based on a true story, be sure to check out this hugely inspring website.
N/a'an ku se Foundation I've enjoyed and marveled at the great documentaries produced on this well deserving African Wildlife foundation in Namibia run by Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren. 

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