Stained Glass by Bart

Custom Stained Glass by Bart at affordable prices

Traditional lead came designs
Commissioned works
Decorative panels
Cabinet doors
You design it, I make it


Incan sun god, 22X55" (55X153 cm), fits in regular window

Clock Face

Face plate for a grandfathers clock, 10.5X11.5"

Sidelight 1

Front door sidelight, flowers, 15 X 60"

Sidelight 2

Front door sidelight, star burst, 15 X 60"

Sidelight 3

Front door sidelight, 4 twirly circles, 14 X 62"
Lots of sidelights I specialize in sidelights, here's a small catalogue of designs I've done. Don't see what you like? Give me a call and we can come with a pattern that does suit your taste and/or needs. Keep in mind, the ones shown here can easily be resized to fit your windows.


The same pattern stretched 3 different sizes

Door 1

Cabinet door, squares, 12X24"

Door 2

Cabinet door, circles, 12X24"

Cool glas

Cool glas, sign on the front lawn, 16X32"


Lattice fence top, 12X92" Your fence could look like this

Location: Hamilton (Ancaster), Ontario - Canada. For appointments click here to email.

Please note: shipping stained glass by mail or courier and expecting them to arrive intact seems to be pretty much impossible so unfortunately I cannot ship larger panels by mail and/or courier. I'd be delighted however, to personally deliver the panels in the Golden Horse Show area at a reasobable fee.

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