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A collection of freebies that might come in handy someday, or not... Some are in PDF format, some were written for DOS, but will work under Windows, even the old OS-2. Only thing is for most you have to type instead of clicking your mouse, no brainer of course. Anyway, I wrote them for my own use, there's not a whole lot of error trapping in them so if you do something wrong you might have to restart the program as it probably won't let you correct your input. Being freeware and all, there's no support for any of them. If you happen to really like something on this list, hey, I'm human, flatter me all you want.

Added July 2015: the programs here run properly up to and including Windows XP, they won't run under Win7 or later unless....

Check out DOSBOX, it's a DOS emulator that works great under Win 7 and you can use most, if not all, of your favourite DOS software including the ones below.

Blank tab pages Print your own blank music staff, or tab (for 4, 5 or 6 string instruments) pages with or without measure markers

Stained Glass

A job cost estimating program for stained glass panels (Windows or DOS)

Inch to millimeter

A tiny program (Windows or DOS) to convert inches to millimeters. Enter the inches and/or fractions like 26 3/8 and hit enter. You can also do metric inches (yeah, really eh...) like 0.656 Don't forget the space between the whole number and the fraction and the slash if you do type in a fraction else it won't work properly.

License Plate Game

Keep the young ones entertained while on vacation trips (50 KB, PDF)


Shave-and-haircut wave [sound] file you can use when shutting down Windows or whatever (27 KB)


Audio Frequency Generator. Pretty cool for matching tinnitus frequencies, even has a no-frill hearing test, 58 KB

Friday 13th

Ever wonder when's the next time it's a Friday the 13th? (PDF file)

Add Notes

What's a G sharp plus three frets, is there really an Fb? (25 KB)


Utility for Tabrite users, replaces the hyphens with neat slurs in tabs produced with version 4.0 or older (Windows).


Another Tabrite add on utility: this one deletes the payfile.mid files leaves in your working directories (oops, I mean folders...). Only 30 KB.

Tab List

Yet another one for Tabrite: use this one to catalogue your tabs, 37 kb. Please note: Updated Sep 2005 so it works with long file names in Windows 98. Not sure if it works under XP - somebody please let me know.

Date Calc

Date calculator: what's today + 40 weeks? What day were you born on etc. 35 KB. Date range: 1901 to 2099


For diehards: if you're still playing the original Indycar Racing by Papyrus (not ICR2!!!) this one's for you, it'll let you save your fastest laps as high scores, 39 KB

HQ Scan

My old data base program for keeping scanner/radio frequencies. Not too glitsy but it sure did the job for me back then, 210 KB.

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