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New: use Geipel Zither Picks as the finest banjo and guitar thumb picks 

Banjo Bridges

Is your bridge at the right location to give you the best sound? Do you need really a compensated bridge? Find out how, what, where and check my awesome Banjo, Balalaika and Bouzouki Bridges by Bart while you're at it.

Banjo CD

A pretty cool CD if I may say so myself. Some of my original tunes and some great tradional ones on an enhanced CD. Besides the regular recordings there's the tabs, midi files and all tunes played slowly.

Banjo Tunings

In the tabs I use my own weird tuning scheme, click here for the explanation and a listing for bunches of different tunings.

Jam Etiquette

Golden rules for good-time jamming


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My Brain Hurts

Just in case your ears ring for a while after playing your banjo

Banjo Gallery

Some of my banjos

Banjo Services

If you live in, or near, the Hamilton, Ontario here's what I can do for you:

  • setups - tweak the maximum tone & horse power from your banjo
  • install - heads, including real skin heads, assemble kits
  • teach - bluegrass, clawhammer and frailing style playing
  • sometimes people ask me to sell or buy a banjo for them - drop me a line tell me what you got or what you want

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Super charging a Framus

My latest project, May 2008, you gotta love the results

Free Tablatures

Totally useless info

Sometimes when you have simply
way too much time on your hands. . .


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